“Fidelis is furnishing me with practical knowledge of moving people away from being recipients of the mission of the Church to being responsible for the mission of the Church. In the socio-cultural transformation task, I am learning that beautiful communities and cities are built through friendship, and a practical knowledge of justice.

As a disciple-movement leader, Fidelis is like a green light, telling me to keep moving on in the right direction. It helps me to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before me, so I can see more clearly in this journey of faith and mission.”

Isaac Abdel-Aziz

Graduate '22, Ghana, West Africa

“Your curriculum has truly been the most critical part of my transition into my second career.

I thank God every day for you and your curriculum and I pray other students will find it equally rewarding. I know you have put a lot into it and I want you to know it is definitely paying off.”

Dean Robinson

Nigerian Student

“I am excited to see the Fidelis Curriculum team turn their discipleship multiplication efforts to equipping people to understand and integrate Biblical foundations, spiritual gifts, and public policy for cultural impact.

Fidelis is a tool in the Lord’s hands to bring about revival and reformation for our world”

Dr John Jackson

President of William Jessup University

“Within a very short period I gained a lot of knowledge. I love the concept because whoever follows the guidelines can learn a lot. After few weeks I started to share what I was learning with few of my disciples.

I could even share something amazing with my atheist friends. I had prayed a lot for them and I tried so many ways to connect with them before. However, after the first four lessons I had a solid foundation to speak from. Now, one of my atheist friends has started to read the Bible.”


Student in Sri Lanka

“Fidelis has opened my mind to public policy issues I never remember exploring in any school curriculum and has given me the opportunity to read all the books I had purchased on disciple making movements and never read.

I am 67. Oh, how I wish I had this training in my 20’s.”

Amy Ruff

Cohort Leader

“I have never had the opportunity to have a theological education. I had only short courses online with leaders. Enrolling with Fidelis has changed my worldview!

Fidelis is just the right place to learn from people who have started and succeeded in igniting movements.

[My] confidence is growing and secrets are unfolding. My spiritual growth is moving forward as a result of the Fidelis course.”

Kassim Sullaiman

Student In Sierra Leone

What is good?

What is true?

What is beautiful?

You will encounter these questions when you start the Fidelis course.  And if you want to do well, you must think well.

You must study the Fidelis course!

This course is fabulous both in its structure and its content. One great thing for me was the changing of my life-habits, both physically and spiritually.

Fidelis is an amazing course that teaches us to know our God and His purposes through a clear and logical way.

I discovered a lot of things that I didn’t know before about the Bible and about our God. It really changed me a lot. I recommend this course for disciples and for those who are eager to know who they are [as God’s people] and what we should do in the kingdom of God.

Do not hesitate. Join us! You will discover a new world!”


Graduate '22, Asia