What is the Cost?

There is an enrollment fee of $100. Tuition is free, but books must be purchased at the student’s expense. Books will cost approximately $500 (USD).

I see that the tuition is free. How is that possible?

“Don’t you need to pay staff and teachers?”

All of the current staff, cohort leaders and administrators raise their own financial support and/or volunteer to make Fidelis Project what it is. Many work in collaboration from like-minded organizations and institutions like Team Expansion or PIONEERS.

How do I donate to Fidelis International Seminary?

We are currently receiving all donations through a partner organization, Team Expansion. Please click this link to give to the Fidelis Project.

How long does the program take?

Most students along with their cohorts complete one lesson per week. At this rate of study (plus breaks for Christmas and other holidays) the program can be completed in 18 months, but could take longer. It really depends on the pace of the cohort.

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is a group of students who are learning together. Ideally a cohort is located in place where they can meet in person regularly. However, with the rise in access to the internet, we are finding that a majority of our cohorts meet virtually using tools like zoom.

Is Fidelis Accredited?

At this time Fidelis is not accredited, however it is certified by the Government of India to grant degrees up to the Ph.D. level through Calvary International Biblical Academy.  

What Diploma do Graduates Receive?

Those who complete the program will receive a Masters of Arts degree in Catalytic Leadership through Calvary International Biblical Academy. You can watch our most recent graduation ceremony here.

What does "Catalytic Leadership" Mean?

A Christian Catalytic Leader is a person who trains a new generation of faithful Christian leaders. We base this concept on the principles of organic growth and multiplication described in John 15:8,16 and 2 Timothy 2:2.

What are the program Entry Requirements?

Students must have intermediate or advanced level of English language ability, love God and be willing to work hard.

Do I need to know English Language?

Students do need a high level of English language ability, but they don’t need to be perfectly fluent. For those for whom English is a second language we will use the English First Standard English Test to determine a student’s entry English ability. Our program focuses on how well students apply the material to their own lives and ministry, not primarily on English language composition ability.

Do I need to have a Bachelor's Degree to start the program?

No, however, it would be helpful. Entry into the program is not difficult, but completion of the program will require a lot of effort and energy.

What are the Technology Limitations?

(i.e. what kind of internet access do I need, and what kind of device is recommended?)

A good internet connection is very important in order to study the curriculum (we use apps like YouTube and Zoom). Students will need to be able to download electronic versions of books from Kindle, or have other digital reading options.

What are your Doctrinal Distinctives?

The curriculum is historically orthodox Evangelical teaching that centers on Christ-centered Word in the written Scriptures. Please see our Statement of Faith. We are not associated with any denomination and seek to serve the global body of Christ.

What kind of work will I be prepared to do after I graduate?

Graduates will be equipped and experienced in leading others to be a faithful and reproducing disciples of Jesus.

How do I pay for the Registration of the Course?

Books will be acquired using whatever options are available in your location. Your cohort leader should be able to help you get your books.

Registration fees will be paid through the online learning portal (Pathwright) using the Stripe payment system. The following methods of payment will be available:

Why should I consider Fidelis over established learning institutions?

We offer high-quality, uniquely delivered curriculum with an emphasis on obeying all that Christ has commanded (Matthew 28:18) at a fraction of what most seminaries cost.

What kind of training do your instructors have?

We utilize books, instruction and professors from a variety of renowned Christian sources. If you would like more details please contact us.

How Does someone become a Cohort Leader?

You must be trained and approved by the Fidelis President, Dr. Schattner.

How do I get my Textbooks?

There are some locations in the world that are very difficult to find or receive these textbooks. Students are ultimately responsible for finding the books.

Please see our page about books here. If you want to know more specifics about the books that are assigned, please contact us.

Are there Scholarships Available?

Scholarships may be available towards your registration fee depending on your situation. For more information, contact us. Tuition is free.

Can I get a visa to reside in America, Canada or Europe?

No. We provide all of educational resources and guidance using the internet, and you are never required to travel to another country in order to graduate from the program.

How do I Apply?

Click the APPLY Button at the top of this page. Please be sure to answer each question.

Where is Fidelis Located?

We are not a traditional seminary at a physical location. We are using the internet to deliver the curriculum and learning takes place through small cohorts. While some cohorts may meet exclusively online (via video-meetings using services like Zoom), we believe that the ideal situation is that cohorts be formed in a single location so that they can meet together and integrate the material together as a community.

Team Expansion is located at 4112 Old Routt Rd, Louisville, KY 40299, United States