…contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.

Jude 1:3

Integrated Leadership Training

for a New Generation

in a rapidly changing world

65 Tuition Free Lessons

Masters Level

Obedience Based

Leadership Training

in five core areas:

Biblical Theology

Spiritual Formation

Making Disciples

Public Policy

Personal Wellness.

Students meet together in-person (or by other means) as small cohorts around the world to integrate the material, reinforce the content and grow in spiritual maturity through loving, relational accountability.

Each Fidelis Cohort is administered by an approved Cohort Leader.


Your curriculum has truly been the most critical part of my transition into my second career. As I mentioned, I thank God every day for you and your curriculum and I pray other students will find it equally rewarding. I know you have put a lot into it and I want you to know it is definitely paying off.

— Dean Robinson

Fidelis has come at a time when I have got to respond to a higher calling, stewarding the continent of Africa through Disciple Making Movements, and African Mobilization.

Fidelis is furnishing me with practical knowledge of moving people away from being recipients of the mission of the church to being responsible for the mission of the church. In the socio-cultral transformation task, I am learning that beautiful communities and cities are built through friendship, and and a practical knowledge of justice.

— Isaac

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