contend for the faith

that was once for all delivered to the saints.

Integrated Theological Training

for a New Generation of Christian Leaders

in a Rapidly Changing World


65 Tuition Free Lessons

Masters Level

Obedience Based

Leadership Training

Five Core Elements

Biblical Metanarrative

Spiritual Formation

Disciple-Making Movements

Public Policy

Personal Health and Wellness

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Fidelis is furnishing me with practical knowledge of moving people away from being recipients of the mission of the church to being responsible for the mission of the church.

"Isaac" Sulemana Abdel-Aziz

Graduate '22, Ghana West Africa

Fidelis is a tool in the Lord’s hands to bring about revival and reformation for our world.

Dr. John Jackson

President, William Jessup University

The Fidelis course was a wonderful journey where I got to know the importance of the one true God and how he is connected to my daily life.


Graduate, '22, SE Asia

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